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About Us

About us

GS BET Online Casino is part of Wilshire Worldwide Company Limited (BVI, registration number 1895191) and holds an offshore gaming license OGL 16-0031 (Offshore Gaming License Number 16) from the Philippine government Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. -0031) and subject to its supervision, after the formal authorization, provide you with safe and legal online gambling services. From casinos, poker, sports betting to table games, you can choose from a variety of exciting game products.

In the increasingly competitive online gaming market, we are constantly seeking new changes, looking for the latest ideas and upholding the best service. Providing guest with high-quality services, advanced products and rich entertainment experience is the eternal purpose of GS online casino.

have the player’s unique login ID and password to ensure that the client’s funds are safe and secure. At the same time, the most advanced encryption measures are used to ensure the player’s game security. 7×24 hours of background detection and monitoring ensure that we can provide a completely fair and secure online game space. All activities of the customer on this platform are strictly confidential, and we will never disclose customer information to third parties (including related units).

We promise you:

In good faith

As an international professional online gaming operator, we are committed to providing each of our customers with the safest and most fair gaming games and a full range of services.

Provide the most diverse and true game

The dealers in our live video are professionally trained in international casinos, professional, efficient and rigorous! Each party’s card is distributed immediately by the dealer’s site, rather than the default computer probability. Bring your exciting experience to the casino scene with high-tech webcast technology!

Our sports betting has top-level trading room, investing a lot of manpower and resources to bring complete events and rich gameplay to sports-loving players.

All kinds of lottery games are the result of the game produced by the official results, allowing players to enjoy the most authentic entertainment in a lively betting interface.

Our video game is developed together with the world’s top electronic entertainment development team. It uses the most advanced animation visual effects and uses the most fair random number to generate the chance to enjoy the multi-element, excitement and rich electronic entertainment.

exquisite pictures, fair, fair and open game!

Provide quality guest service

We have the most rigorously trained and most trained customer service team to provide you with 365 days x 24 hours on-line customer service. Every player’s consultation will be answered as quickly as possible, and will help you solve the problem and bring you a home away from home experience! Provide multi-channel interaction with customers, understand customer needs, and pay attention to customer’s opinions at any time. And suggestions; hold more offers and promotions to provide customers with more feedback and surprises.

Efficient and safe stored value system

We offer a variety of safe and easy stored value and withdrawal options to our members. We have always adhered to the principles of “Knowing our Members (KYC)” and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and working with the financial management authorities of the third parties to ensure maximum compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

We are proud of the companies we have established and hope that all users will be able to enjoy our well-designed products and services in a safe and enjoyable environment. We offer the fastest and safest way to sell, and members can apply for withdrawals within 365 days x 24 hours.

Industry’s highest guest feedback

We will continue to offer a variety of benefits for new and old members, surprises every day, give back to Zhou Zhou, and let you be a big winner.

Actively participate in charity

While we are dedicated to serving every dollar member, we also shoulder the responsibility for society and charity. Taking it into society and using it in society is one of the purposes we have been adhering to. We actively participate in various donation activities, and we will make more and more indispensable social needs.

Cooperative Alliance

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